06 Shoulder pads and hook

Thinking back to my childhood, I remember playing with the pipe insulation my Dad had lying around when he was remodeling the house. When wondering how to cushion the shoulder bar for Kayla, this stuff seemed perfect. I bought a length of it, designed for half-inch pipe, from Home Depot for 97 cents. I also bought a snap hook to attach between the shoulder bar and the chest harness ring. Make sure the snap hook has a large enough ring to slide along the shoulder bar tube.

The snap hook and pipe insulation (for padding)

Loosen the frame bolts and slide a couple of lengths of pipe insulation down to the shoulder bar, with the snap hook in the middle. Cut enough insulation so both butt up against the tube bends, thus holding the snap hook in the middle of the shoulder bar.

The snap hook and padding in position

Don't open the pre-cut slice in the insulation - that'll take some of its strength away.

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